Future proof your finances

Welcome to SOLON
One app to manage your finances for today and tomorrow

Future-Proof your finances with Solon. The only app you need to manage your finances for today and tomorrow. Solon allows you to write and manage your will digitally as well as look after your assets while understanding your net worth.

Financial Immortality

With Solon you can write your lasting will and provide access to the most important people in your life. It no longer has to be a drawn out process, Solon gives you ownership so you can control your assets as well as who they go to whether you are there or not.

Your Assets, Your Voice

In this world content is king. We consume messages in a myriad of ways so the way you also send messages should be the same. The Solon platform uses multimedia messaging so you can express yourself in whichever way you feel comfortable, including live audio, video recordings.

See and Share

Transparency the Solon way means only the people you want can see what you want them to. Take control of your information and make sure only those who are relevant have access. Make sure you’re all maximising the assets you pass on.

A digital will for a digital world.

Now you can access your will from anywhere in the world anytime you want. With secure encryption you can act on the testator’s instructions with speed and efficiency.

Portfolio Management

From insurance policies to improved interest rates Solon gives you the tools to have a transparent 360 degree view of your portfolio. So you can see the opportunities clearly and act on them even faster