What are the different asset classes when building a portfolio?

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Diversifying asset portfolios with SolonIn an expedition to invest monetary funds, it is equally important to have validated proof of where your money goes to, every investment type can be classified into one or more asset classes. This categorization of assets has made it easier for investors to better understand and manage their finance

An asset class connotes a set of identical investment types having related attributes and often affected by the same market volatility. Portfolio managers utilize an array of investment strategies in creating an easy guide for investors to diversify their portfolios into different asset classes, this presents investors with an opportunity to maximize investment gain with marginal cost.


Each asset class tends to differ from the other in terms of liquidity, market unpredictability, tenures, return rates, risk factors, and taxation, hence each asset class is classified based on a related financial structure which is bound by similar guidelines and regulations. Each asset class has peculiar degrees of risk and cash flow from investing activities, when inventors opt-in for asset classes as a way to diversify their portfolio it cuts off risk and increases their chances of making a higher return on investment.

Asset Class and Investment Approach

Similar investments in the same asset class tend to have similar attributes and tendencies towards the level of risk and incoming investment returns. Financial analysts have observed a direct link between asset class and performance, some tend to pay more attention to performance metrics such as earnings-per-share-growth (EPS) which measures the rate of growth when it comes to an investor’s profitability while other financial analysts are more interested in the asset classes involved in the investment.

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